Daily Life Essential Skills

What are the nine essential skills?

Oral Communication

Tell a story, make a phone call, give directions or sing a song


Send a thank you note, post a message on the fridge, pop a note in a backpack, or copy down a recipe

Continuous Learning

Join a yoga class, take up a new hobby, cook a new dish, keep up with technology or join the library

Document Use

Keep a chore chart, sign a permission slip or homework journal, register for a swimming lesson or fill out a doctors form


Pay bills, shop for groceries, play a game, or save for something special

Reading Text

Share a story, play a game, read a newspaper or magazine or read the comics.

Working With Others

Volunteer your time, coach a team, have coffee with other parents, or organize a block party

Thinking Skills

Juggle your busy schedule, plan a vacation or playdate, play a game of concentration, or organize your closet