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Workplace Training and Courses

Paintearth Adult Learning is a Campus Alberta Central Learning Site.  Campus Alberta Central partners with Olds College & Red Deer College to bring credit programming to our communities.
  • Agricultural & Heavy Equiq. Technician  Course Details
  • Beef Production                                      Course Details
  • Business Administration Diploma          Course Details
  • Cannabis Production                             Course Details
  • Early Learning & Child Care                   Course Details
  • Educational Assistant Certificate            Course Details
  • Health Care Aide                                    Course Details
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate   Course Details
  • Horticulture                                             Course Details
  • Kitchen Management                             Course Details
  • Management Certificate                          Course Details
  • Practical Nurse                                        Course Details
  • Pre-Apprenticeship Exam Training          Course Details
  • Adult and Higher Ed. Instructor Post-Diploma Cert.   Course Details

Are there non-credit certification requirements in your organization?

Paintearth Community Adult Learning Council will coordinate group training specifically for your organization:

  • Standard, Emergency or First Aid Re-certification Training
  • H2S Alive, Confined Space, WHMIS and TDGfirst aid training, job skills
  • Computer Training
  • Workplace Essential Skills Training
  • ... and the list will continue to grow as more needs are identified.

We invite you to share your e-mail address with us, so we can keep you up to date on new courses, workshops and programs.

Don't forget to check out ed2go, where you and your staff can take part in variety of amazing on-line courses.


Speaking, Reading and Living in Alberta

Signs Speaking & Reading Skills are holding someone back?

basic skills training, essential work skills
  • Difficult to tell a clear story
  • Seem to talk in circles
  • Stiff body language
  • Seem nervous or embarrassed
  • Seem to lack confidence and be intimidated
  • Give indirect, confused or irrelevant answers
  • Reluctant to participate in meetings
  • Tasks not completed or slow to complete
  • May not ask questions at all
  • Make reading excuses
  • Absenteeism high

Adult Literacy Training Can Help!

Paintearth Adult Learning:

  • and the Learner will establish reading & writing goals
  • will match the Learner with a Volunteer Literacy Mentor
  • will monitor and celebrate Learner progress

Why does Literacy Training Matter?

  • Get a more fulfilling job
  • Enjoy workplace success
  • Improve self esteem
  • Learn how to:
    • handle documents
    • read and write well
    • solve problems
    • work with others effectively
    • talk so people understand you
    • manage your time more effectively.
    • write a resume and cover letter
    • practice interview skills