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Volunteer Mentors Needed


If you can read this, please help someone who can't ...

40% of people in Alberta communities struggle with basic reading and writing. This is a fact.

We are recruiting tutors year round.

If you think you can help, or want to learn more about becoming a tutor, contact us now 1-888-578-3817 or 403-578-3817. 

Know that our brave learners are grateful for every hour you give.

Literacy Levels

Level 1

  • adult has very poor literacy skills
  • adult may not understand the dosage instructions on a medicine label
Level 2
  • adult can deal only with material that is simple, clearly laid out, and in which the tasks involved are not too complex
  • adult can read and has coping skills to manage everyday literacy skills, but may not be able to face new literacy demands such as learning new job skills
Level 3
  • is considered a suitable minimum for coping with demands of everyday life and work in a complex, advanced society
  • denotes roughly the level needed to complete high school or enter college
Level 4/5
  • describes adults who demonstrate a good command of higher-order information processing skills
Alberta's three year high school completion rate has increased to 76.5% in 2014/15 from 2010/11 levels but is still one of the lowest in the country.

Unemployment rates across Canada for students without a high school diploma were 21.3% in 2008/09 and 10% for high school graduates.
Source: Statistics Canada 2009 and CBC news 2016
Part of the problem can be traced back to community and family attitudes toward education:

"Family attitude toward education is a major determinant of how children fare in school. Where families are disengaged, or place less value on education, schools must make them part of the equation in keeping their children motivated and learning."

Source: Chisholm Consulting April 2009, pg 21